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Add the Technullogy.Web.UI.RoundedDiv.dll assembly to your toolbox in Visual Studio. The dll can be found by browsing to "<InstallationPath>\Technullogy\Technullogy Round Corners\Assemblies\". Once in your toolbox, simply drag and drop it onto your page or control, configure the properties and you're good to go!

Technullogy Round Corners comes with 5 embedded skins (blue, green, red, yellow, and slate). You can also use a customize the look an feel with your own skin by setting the EnableEmbeddedSkin property to false, setting the CustomSkin property to the name of your skin, and then referencing a css file that uses the same classes as those included with the control. These files are all available in the install directory. I know, lame explanation. I'll come back and post something more detailed in the future.

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